Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wake Up Looking Good/12 Morning and Evening Tips

I have a very interesting post today! I'm going to share some of my tips on how to wake up feeling and looking better. To my opinion, these are the tips and life hacks evry girl should know! Really hope you'll enjoy ♥

Airing Room

15-20 minutes before going to bed. It's good for your skin, helps to fall asleep faster, and it's just healthy overall.

Wash Your Face Thoroughly

This step is very important. Wash all your make-up off. Otherwise you are risking to wake up with a bunch of pimples and clogged pores, which is, obviously, not pleasant at all. And never forget to moistrize your face. Though, if you feel extremly lazy, then just use make up wipes to wash your make up. You can skip moistrizing once In a while, but still, always put your eyecream on. It's just essential! 

If Your Lips Need Some Help...

Use carmex. Always use carmex before going to bed. It is the best healing lip product i have ever tried! It's just the best. My lips feels so good in the morning. 

Other Way To Use a Toothpaste

If you already have a pimple, you can put a little bit of your toothpaste on it overnight. It will  help to get rid of redness without drying out your skin. You also can do this in the mornig, but you do need to wash it off before putting make-up.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perfect Makeup Brushers For Beginners

When my make up obsession only began, i was seeking for good-quality, but at the same time cheap brushes. And it took me for a long time. So, today i decided to share with you my version of perfect brushes for those of you, who only started enjoying make up. I also found some cool make-up quotes on pictures. I want to share them as well:)

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Favorite Youtubers

Youtube, laptop, youtubers

Most of them are pretty popular, but maybe you will discover a new one. I love them all and do not have a special order, just writing down as they crossed my mind.

They are all either beauty, fashion or both bloggers, in case you are wondering :)
  • Zoe Sugg (Zoella) She's one of the most popular youtubers now. She's written her own book, she has a blog and she films absolutely incredible videos. And i love her British accent.
  • Claudia Sulewski (ex. BeyondBeautyStar) She hit one million subscribers just recently. She's the most creative person i have ever seen (in videos, but stll), you definately should check out her channel.
  • Tess Christin She doest amazing "Get The Look" videos and also her series "Get Healthy With Me" is pretty much perfect to me.
  • Aspyn Ovard (ex. HauteBrilliance) She's so cute and she does amazing vlogs, challanges and Q&As with her boyfriend. And her videos have that special atmosphere you feel, but cannot explain
  • Meredith Foster (StilaBabe09) She's very nice and i just like relaxing while watching her videos. She's awsome!
  • Sonya Esman (Classisenternal) She's international model. She does absolutely fantastic and inspiring travelling videos! She's a Canadian who was born in Russia. I've been watching her russian channel, since she had started it. And every time she come up with a new video, i watch it and i get so inspired, i cannot be thankful to her enough for the feeling!
  • Bethany Mota (ex. Macbarbie07) Probably, the most popular, known, and successful beauty guru ever! She has her clothing line, she took part in Dancing With The Stars and she's on the top right now. That's the reason why she doesn't make her videos very often last two years, but they are still amazing, it worths waiting
  • Tara Michelle I'm new to her channel, but i am so obsessed! She has a vlog channel, where she posts her videos almost daily and they just make my day! Love her vlogs and her in general so much!
  • Kalyn Nicholson She so so sweet and inspirtional! She puts inspiring sayings in the beggining of most of her videos, i love that idea! She's from Canada, she also has a fashion blog.
  • Ingrid Nilsen She is very smart and she smiles all the time, it makes me want to smile constantly too. Her channel is very cozy to me.
  • Meghan Rienks (ex. Meghan Rosette) She has good sense of humor, no doubts. She's a bit extravagant, but when you get used to it, you fall in love with her. By the way, she's an actress and she also has some very inspirational videos
  • Tanya Burr She's a best at makeup and she loves cooking + she has British accent. So...check her out ;) she also has an amazing blog! Love this girl 
  • Theresa Blueberry (Berrytheblue) She started her channel just a few moths ago, she doesn't have a lot of subscribers yet, but she definately has that thing, that makes you stay on her channel. She's from Prague, and i love her accent. She also has a blog.
  • AMissMelle She makes videos in German, so i do not understand a thing, but her lookbooks are just the best! They are so inspiring and she looks so vogue(if you now what i mean)!
  • Meg DeAngelis (MayBaby) She's funny, she loves her subscribers, she's creative and she sings beautifuly!
  • Emily Noel (She has two beauty channels: emilynoel83 and BeautyBroadcast Express) First channel has a tonn of makeup recommendations, hits and misses and all that kind of stuff, the other one is full with reviews. Very very helpful!
I think that's it, that were all of my top youtubers. Of course, i watch more of them, just named my favorite. And if you have any recommendations for me to watch, please, leave a comment down below.

XOXO, Dasha 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Fashion. Style Essentials/Whishlist

Happy International Women's Day, first of all!
Second of all, here are a few of my spring style essentials and ideas. I already have some of these in my wardrobe  and some are on my whishlist. Hope you'll get some inspiration out of here!

A hat. Always makes your outfit 10 times more fashionable!

A pair of sunglasses. Because the sun finally comes out! Yay for that ;) 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

If You Had A Bad Day/20 Ways To Deal With Bad Mood

First thing i feel needs to be said is that IT IS OKAY to have a bad day. There's nothing wrong with you, with what you do or how you do it. Bad days just happen, there's nothing you can do with that, but trying to make your day better. Here are some pieces of my advice on how to save your bad day:
  1. A man needs a man. Just call your best friend, mother or boyfriend and talk to them. Tell about your problems, they might advice you what to do, even if they just hear you out, that would make you feel better, for sure. You can also write your troubles down in your diary if you have one. But talking to a real person would help a bit better.
  2. Watch your old photo albums. Childhood memories are the best, it always brings out happy moments of out lives. Just take a moment and dive in your past to forget the problems until you feel better. Listen to some of your favorite songs, while doing this. We all know that music is the best cure. Listen to songs that make you happy.