Wednesday, June 24, 2015

25 Facts About Me TAG | My First YouTube Video

Hello, guys! I'm almost shaking whilst typing these words. At this very moment my first youtube video is uploading to my YouTube channel. I'm so akward in this video, and my camera also did something with the quality somehow. I spent the entire day thinking whether i should upload thiis or do the same thing i've always done - to shove this to the farther shelf as well as my deam to becone a youtuber. But i thought that it would be wrong, i've been thinking of starting a channel for 3 years, and it's ridiculous how long i've been procrastinating! 
This video is very embarassing to me, but i feel like i can burst out if i don't upload this, i can't wait any longer.

I really hope at least one person will enjoy whatching it, that already would mean so much to me, i canot explain.
As you already inderstood this is the 25 facts about me tag, my facts were very random, but i hope you'll find them interesting. I promise as soon as i get used talking to the camera my English will be better, because i swear i know it better than you might thought while watching the video. And hopefully my behavior will be normal soon.

Okay, i need to stop this, otherwise you'll fall asleep. Enjoy the video! (..i hope you will..) 
P.S. I really don't know what happened to the quality of the video and the lighting, i'll try my best to fix it for the next one

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