Monday, June 22, 2015

Beauty Haul: Summer 2015

Avon Naturals - Face Cream. This one has rose petals in it and it's supposed to make your face glow. First of all, i really love this line from Avon, i buy products from it all the time. All the cremes from the line mattify the face. I'm not sure about the glow effect, but it does make my skin look very healthy. 

DaySpa - Makeup Removing Wipes. Just simple makeup wipes, they smell very nice. But i don't think i would repurchase them, beacuse they feel to be too harsh on my skin. I have a very sensetive one.

L'oreal Paris - Miss Manga. I bought it mostly because Kalyn Nicholson (her youtube channel) raved about it a lot and also i really liked the packaging. Going to be honest, when i tried it first i was extremely dissapointed. The brush moves and it made the application to me very inconvinient. And a few fisrt times a messed up my makeup with it. But as i got used to using the brush, i fell in love. It says mega volume on the tube, but i'd say it's more for lengthing the lashes. Overall, just a great product, but i have a few Maybelline mascaras that i love more, so probably won't buy it again.
Centro - Flower Crown. I really liked this one, don't know what to add:) I love head bandages for summer.

Aroma - Rose Lotion. I expected a complete different effect from that lotion. When in reality it just dries out my skin. That's all it does. But at least, it was very cheap.

Solline - Choco Fest. Aroma bath salt. I love this thing. It's not comparable to the lush ones, but it's good and it's way cheaper. It's smell so amazing! I wish you could smell it, i'm so in love with the scent. I cannot rave enough about it, taking a bath with this products always makes me feel fantasctic! I wish this thing could also bubble. That's the only minus.

Avon Foot Works - Deodorising foot spray. Maybe that's TMI, but sometimes i know i might need it, because it's summer, and i sweat a lot. 

Avon Naturals - Cherry Blossom Body Spray. It's actually says spay-lotion on the bottle. Well, i disagree, it's just a body mist, but that's okay:) Unforunatelly, i don't quite enjoy this smell. It's not bad, but it's way too sweat for me, way way too sweet. I still use it sometimes, but not going to buy it again for sure.

The next three products you see on the picture above came as a set, and it worths a separate post , so stay tunned for that! Just want to say that the set includes rose and chocolate body mist, which is my favorite, same-scented body lotion and chocolate and coffee body scrub.

Swess Laboratories - Freshening Spay. I have it in the scent blackberry and jasmine, which i thought would smell fantastic, when in reality it's awful. I don't know if want to use it or just trow away. I mean, you spray it and in a few minures the smell fades away, you don't feel it throughout the day, but still. Don't recommend buying the product in that scent. The other ones i had are good.

Thank you all for reading and staying to the end, see you soon!

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  1. I love those Avon natural sprays. I have such a big collection going now :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. Yes, i love them too! They're pretty amazing!)) And perfect foe summer

  2. Replies
    1. I've never tried any lush face products, so i can't tell. but if so, we know a dupe that's twice cheaper:)

  3. Ooo you picked up some really great bits! I haven't bought anything from AVON in years, but after reading this I think I'm going to have to make an order! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I think you should:) They have a lot of great products!