Friday, June 5, 2015

May Favorites

Hello everybody! That's the first time i make favorites post, so i'm very exited. Just want to mention first that may had been an absolutely amazing month! I'm so thankful for every single day of it. Hope you had a lovely month of may too.


I'm so in love with this denim jacket. I got it last summer and now i can wear it again. One of the best things i own in my closet! It looks on very 90's, whick i absolutely love!

These are so so comfy! I'm obsessed with the shoes, i've been wearings them all the time. And they go with most of my outfits.

This infiniti scarf is not so much for warmth but for accessorie. It's very colorful and neutral at the same time. Can't belive it was so cheap, it looks absolutely amazing!


1. Maybelline Lash Sensational - This is probably one of the best mascaras i've tried. The brush here is just perfect, my eyelashes literaly have never looked as good. The only thing i don't quite like is that it dries a little bit too fast. After two months. As i typed it, i realized that it's not that soon... But still, lots of maybelline mascaras lasted me longer for sure. So that's still a minus:)

2.Essence Barely There - The color is beautiful, the quality of the lipstick is very nice, too. Though i don't quite like the smell. Not that it's bad but it has a scent of a lipstick. If you know what i mean. The only minus, these essence lipstick are amazing.

3. L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim - I haven't tried too much eyeliners but this one is the best for sure. It lasts very long time, staying power is amazig, very black, extremely convinient to use! Cannot be compared to anything i've used before.

4. Essence On The Catwalk! - This color is so beautiful! I catch so many sights on me every time i wear it. 

5. Essence Sun Club All-in-one Bronzing Highlighter - It's said to be used on eyes, face, and body. Don't know about body, but it works quite nice as eyeshadows and highlighter. I don't like how it looks if i try to aply it as a bronzer. My face seems to be punched, but maybe i just did something wrong. And the blush streep is so thin that i find it pointless, it's very hard to work with. If you apply it as eyeshadows it gives a very natural look, even though there're a lot of sparkles. Well, i just wrote quite a nice review:) Overall, that product is amazing and i did enjoyed using this and i still do.

6. Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadows in Forever Bronze - This is the best cream eyeshadows ever. It's even better than maybelline color tattoo, it's just the best! Okay, i feel like i've said 'best' a billion of times, sorry:) They're just really good. Staying power is very impressive, the color is absolutely gorgeous! I just wish they had more colors.

1. Schwarzkopf Got2bThis volumizing powder is fantastic! It makes my hair look amazing! It doesn't make them look greesy or as if i had dandruff. Though it feels a little bit sticky. But i can cope with it, beacuse my hair look so lovely.

2. Avon Naturals Rose and Chocolate Body Mist - i love this thing. I spray it all over me in the morning and at the end of the day i still can smell it. Love it badly!

3. Avon Moroccan Argan Hair Oil - First of all, the smell is mind-blowing, i just love it so so sooo much! It nourishes my hair, they look very healthy, shiny and they feel so soft! Just go and buy it, people, you won't regret:)

4. Schwarzkopf Glisskur - This is a leave-in conditioner, it smells amazing, it helps to brush my hair, works perfectly. Though it's not may favorite product, i've been using for a few months, i love it so much!

Book Of The Month

This book just blown my mind. First of all, i've never thought i would read it. Second of all, i've never thought u would like it. And third of all, i've never thought this book would become one of the best books in my life. And i do love reading. This is The Hobbit by John Tolkien. It's such a beautiful fairytale. It's not even close to the movies. The book is so much better. I think everyone should read it!

Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate it. Hope you liked the post. See you soon, guys :)

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