Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag

Hello everybody!
I'm going on a road trip in a few hours, and i decided to share with you what i put in my travel makeup bag. Most of these are my all-time makeup essentials!


Concealer: Revlon Colorstay in 02 Light Pale.
This one has quite decent coverage, i've been using it for over a year, i absolutely love it! If you're in search for a new concealer to try out, go for this revlon one. You will not regret i promise. I take this with me everywhere

Highlighting Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch in 02 Nude.
I featured this in my best of maybelline post (here), so it's quite obvious that i love this stuff. Coverage is not very strong, so if you have bad eye circles than it may not be good enough for you. But since i'm on my summer break now, i get my beauty sleep, so i don't need that much coverage for my undereye area. It gives a very nice glowy and healthy look to your skin.

Bronzer: Essence Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty.
Well, technically it's a blush as you can see by the name of the product but i use it as a bronzer. I mean, why not? It's quite difficult to find a good drugstore bronzer, and this one has a good qualitu and it's cheap:)

Blush: Essence Silky Touch Blush in 20 Babydoll.
So, same thing, basically but in the different color. I love this. Looks very natural on, and it's don't leaves any emberassing staying, if you know what i mean. I used to have this problem with other brushes.


Eyeshadow palette is from Avon and it's perfect for everyday makeup, all you need, basically.

Eyeshadow pots. One is also from Avon (Forever Bronze) and the pink one is maybelline tattoo color in Pink Gold.

Eyeshadow duo is also from maybelline. I really like the colors, especially burgundy.

White pencil for the water line is from essence. Very necessary for summer and honestly just my all-year-round essential.

Dark-brown glimmer stick is from Avon. I put it on my lower lush line every single day. Makes my eyes pop!

My all-time favorite eyeliner is from L'oreal. 

And my new favorite mascara is the maybelline  lash sensational mascara.  The brush is perfect there. I think it's the best one i've used.

For eyebrows i take essence eyebrow pencil and ardel eyebrow gel.

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