Friday, July 10, 2015

Avon Body Mists

Hey guys! How's your summer going? I hope everything goes the way you planned it!

 Today i want to tell you about my favorite summer scents!
If you've been reading me for at least a month, you probably know how much i love avon stuff, especially these body sprays. They are my favorites for warm weather. I mentioned in a few posts that i don't quite like strong perfumes when it's hot outside, i just feel like it would be too much. I wether wear one of these body sprays or my fresh apple-scentes perfume (read more about it here) on hot days.

Firstly, i would like to mention some of the general information about these body sprays. They are said to be freshening, which i think they are. I like the feeling they leave on my skin. Though sometimes i can feel too much of alcohol in it, which is, of course, a bad thing. The staying power is quite impressive. I still can smell a floaty scent at the end of a day. 

The first mist has a smell of chocolate and rose. I think it's the perfect sweet scent for summer. I absolutely love it, this is my third bottle for the last few moths, which is quite ridiculous, but i seriously use it like crazy. I have same scented body lotion and scrub from avon, which i also really enjoy using (read here). This is probably the only scent i can use not only during summertime.

The next spray has a scent of pomegranate and mango, i can't decide if it's more of a sweet or fresh smell, but i know that a nailing body mist for summer. I don't think i would like to use it any other time of year, but i've been using a great deal of it for last month.

The last one is my least favorite scent, to be honest, but i still like it. This spray's scent is called cherry blossoms. To me, it sounds better than it is in real life. It's a bit too sweet for me. I love sweet scents, but this one is bittery sweet if you know what i mean. I actually found myself reaching for this one more frequently than the previous mist, even though i like how the mango one smells better. Don't think i will buy this particular spray again.

Really hope you enjoyed reading about my latest obsession, because i seriously don't use any of my other perfumes.
Have you tried any of these srpays? Let me know what you think! XoXo

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