Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Favorites ♡

Hey guys, it's time for my July favorites!  You probably heard me talking about these products at least once already, but i love them so much, i just needed to feature them in this favorites post.

Revealed by Coastal Scentes. I got this Revealed palette only a week ago, but i've been using it every day since. My previous post was actually a review on the palette, where i praised it. (Read here)

Organic Shop Body Scrub. I definately talked a fair amount of times about this scrub. It smells devine and it does the job on A+. Fun story: i went on a sleepover a few days ago, and when we were laying on a sofa playing a game, a friend of mine accidently touched my leg, and she was very surprised with how smooth my leg was. Don't know if anyone cared, i just wanted to proof how good the scrub is!

Rimmel by Kate Lipstick in 08. I talked about this lipstick in my recent haul post and i showed you swatch. I adore the colour of it, i've been wearing this lipstick probably too much. I definately reached for it the most! (See the swatch here)

L'oreal Miss Manga. I got this mascara a while ago, i believe i use it for two months now. Fun fact - i actually hated this when i first bought it, i thought it was very unconveniet to apply, but as i got used to it, i fell in love - my lashes have never been that long with such a little effort!

The Body Shop Eyes Cube. I also got it recently, but fell truly, madly, deeply (see what i did there?haha) in love with this eye cream. It feels so good to put it on in the mornings just before i spray the other the body shop product, whereof i'll talk in a moment. This cream moistrizes and slightly cools my undereye area.

Chanel Chance in Eau Tendre. I seriously think i found my perfect scent. It stays on all day and night, it smells devine - i love it!

Avon Planet Spa Hand Cream. This is my all-time favorite hand cream for sure! It smells lovely, feels nice on the hands, and it softens them incredibly well. I highly recommend to try this if you're looking for a new one.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I haven't use any of my baby lips balms for quite a while, i don't know why. But after wearing my Rimmel by Kate lipstick every day, i noticed my lips become a bit dry. I've been using this balm for a few last days, and i can tell that my lips are in much better condition now. And it smells amazing.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist. I really wanted to try it out and this spray did not dissapoint me at all! I don't want to use anything else on face face anymore. It freshens my face and moistrizes it. It's perfect for spring and summer, and maybe for beggining of autumn - not for the colder months. This is one of the best skin care products i've tried so far.

Have you tried any of these products and what do you think? Oh, and please let me know your July favorites - i would love to know that!

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  1. Great picks! Definitely going to get my hands on this vitamin e face mist! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much! I think you will love it:))