Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lush Grease Lightning Cleanser

Hey guys! I've been using this Lush Grease Lightning Cleanser almost every day for last two weeks, and i love it so much! 

 My skin has been behaving very bad recently, i had more break-outs than i normally do. This product and an overnignt mask, i talked in my skin care haul (here), just saved my skin. It looks so healthy and good right now, i'm very happy with that. And i will write a review on the mask for sure, the world needs to know about that! 

In my lush haul (read here) i wrote my first impression on this product. I don't want to repeat myself, so i just copy some main things about this products i wrote last time: "Main components are thyme, tea tree and rosemary. I know some people don't like the smell of it, but i think it's okay, nothing really repellent. It's said to be used twice a day: morning and evening, which is exactly how i use it." Here's amedment - which was exactly how i used it. I don't use it everyday now, since i don't have any pimples anymore.

I kind of can compare the effect with Clean&Clear Advantage fast cleaning spot gel, exept the lush one really works. If you're unfamiliar with any of the gels, i tell how it works: you pur it on the spot and in some time where you had that gel, the lightest layer of your skin peals off. The Clean&Clear one just dried my skin, the layer pealed off, but the problem wasn't solved at all. And the lush on is much more gentle, it doesn't peal off the spot, but somehow, the healing process just fastens up in hundrets of times. I really hope you understood what i was trying to ezplain, because it's really difficult to do in english for me.
This cleanser does help to fight with pesky spots, but i have to say it doesn't help to get rid off after-achne spots, which i kind of expected it to do. I definately can recommend this product, for those who want fast help for the face. But i'm not really sure if i would buy it again, because it is quite expensive for the result, i did expect a bit better result. I think i will try to find something similar but cheaper or better. But maybe i will change my mind, and repurchase it, because overall the product is great.

Have you tried this particular product or just anything from lush? I would love to hear your thought on that. Thank you so much for reading! XoXo

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  1. This sounds so nice, I now only use gentle cleansers on my skin. It made a huge difference for me!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. What cleanser do you use? I would like to try it out)

  2. WOW! amazing post I love your blog :)
    I have shared :)



    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! And special thanks for sharing! <3