Saturday, July 18, 2015

Makeup and Beauty Haul

Hey guys! As i mentioned on my twitter a few fays ago, i wemt shopping wth my mom! I got a bit crazy and bought quite a lot of stuff, including some beauty and makeup pieces. And i feel i haven't talked about any makeup products for such a long time - i missed writing about that!

I bought Chanel Chance in Eau Tendre - my first chanel perfume! Very exited about that, i smelled that scent last summer, and the whole year i've been meaning to purchase it, but something always interfered. I managed to buy it the other day, and so far i'm comepletely in love with it! The bottle is very cute, too. I remembered this scent as quite a sweet one, but actually it's not really. It's very flowery and just stunning! What i also like about this perfume is that it's perfect for every day wear, nothing crazy is in the smell.

The next bargain is the Rimmel by Kate lipstick, which i wanted to buy very badly for a few weeks. The smell of the lipstick is a mix of a normal lipstick scent and cherry - i don't mind, i even think it's nice. And i love the packaging. The colour i have (08) is very similar to the Essnece lipstick in Natural Beauty, but the rimmel one is a bit brighter and peachy, while Essnece lipstick is more brown-toned.

I ran out of all concealers, so i had to buy a new one. The girl who works in the shop adviced me to pick the one from Max Factor - Mastertouch. I don't have much to say about it, very similar to a lot of highlighting concealers. Though i like the Maybelline dream lumi one better.

I also bought a few candles from Ikea, i love their candles - they smell amazing! Only i wish i had Bath&Body Works where i live!

I also bought a few products from The Body Shop, but i decided to split it in two different posts.
Have you tried any of the products i mentioned? Let me know what you think!

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