Sunday, July 5, 2015

New In: Skin Care Products

Hey guys! I've been shopping quite a bit recently, so i have a few skin care products that to show you.

I really needed to change my skin care routine, because for some unknown to reasons my skin from normal to combinational turned to combinational to dry.  (my previous skin care routine)

And the cleanser i used before dried out my skin like crazy! So i just had no other choice but buying a new one. I bought L'oreal soft gel-cream cleanser, which is supposed to gentelly clean the skin and soften it. I really like this product so far. I think it's exactly what my skin needed. When the product comes out it looks a bit watery, but when you start clean your face with it, it appears to be like a thick cream consistency. I wash off my makeup with this too.

I also bought a new eye cream. This one from Garnier is suppost to keep the eyes hydrated 24 hours. I didn't count the hours, but since i started using it, my eyes have never felt dry or uncomfortable. What i also like about this cream is that despite the generous amount of hydration i can easily use this under my makeup - it does not feel greasy at all!

And last but not least is a mask by my beloved brand Natura Siberica. This is an overnight mask that you don't need to wash off. You just put a light  layer of it on your face before going to bed. It's their Night Detox mask, which is suppost to recover and renovate the skin. It's said to be for all skin types. I used this the previous night and i already love it! My skin looked very fresh, even, and healthy in the morning! I highly recommend this product. It's barely noticable when you put it on, so don't worry it will make you uncomfortable in the night - it won't!

Have you, guys, tried any of the products i talked about? Tell me what you think!

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