Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Maybelline's Baby Lips Collection

Hello everyone! Todau i want to share with you my humble collection of Maybelline's Baby Lips. I bought two in black tube from the Electro collection just recently. Those are most of the colours i can find in my country, we have very limited selection in Russia, sadly.

Firstly, i want to say that i absolutely adore these lipbalms! They are one of my most used lip products all year round. They moistrize my lips, they smell amazing, and i like they are tinted - you can make them appear sheer or you can layer them on a get quite a vivid colour. With that beibg said, let's get started!

Strike A Rose

This has a very bright pink colour with peachy or orangy undertone to it, i like it but it does't really suit me, only if i wear a dress similar colour. I can't describe the smell of this one. To me, it doesn't smell like a rose at all, i would say it's a typical Baby Lips' colour with nothing particular, it is very sweet though. I like this one, but it's my least favorite out of all.

Pink Punch

It's hot baby pink colour, i like to use it sometimes as a creamy blush, i barely use this as a balm. It smells a bit like mango to me, it's fresh and sweet at the same time, which i reaali like.

Peach Kiss

It smells like a very very sweet peach. This is one of my favorite. My friends always say my lips look amazing and very attractive when i wear this lipbalm. I always layer it to make it noticable on the lips. It's very nude and shiny, almost like a lipgloss, but not sticky. That's the only colour from my collection that has shimmer in it. And i noticed that i mostly wear this in summer and winter, don't know why.


This is the most basic one. It has no colour to it, just suppost to hydrate lips. I wouldn't say it's the best at it, but i use it a lot in winter time for sure!

Pink Shock

It smells so gooooood! My favorite scent for sure! Smells like a raspberry jam, reminds me of my childhood, i love the smell! This colour doesn't suit me much, so i wear it only with same-coloured dressed or top, or at home.

Cherry Me

This colour is one of my favorite, but i definately wear this more in fall and winter time, not so suring spring and summer. It's a very beautyful berry red colour, i'm obsessed with it! But this balm has my least favorite scent, i don't even know how to descrive, smells like a lipstick, i guess.

That was it for my 'collection' of Maybelline's Baby Lips. Hope you enjoyed and maybe got inspired to grab a few in your local shop:) I'm in love with these lipbalm, they're my favorites!

See you in a few days, lots of love!

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  1. I have a few of these too! I don't use them too often, I think they're just okay, but it might be me because I suffer from chronically dry lips due to medication that I use, but they just look so cute! :) The clear one is actually my favorite :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. I have just normal lips, and these halp me a lot! I'm sorry they don't work for you ar good, i love them)) What do you use for dry lips? It's cold season soon, got to be prepared;)

  2. Love those too! :)

    But my collection is a little bigger :) haha