Thursday, August 27, 2015

Organic Shop Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

Hello, friends! Today i want to write a quick post and just tell you a few words about my all-time favorite body scrub.

Why i love this product SO much:
-The smell. OMG guys, this smells heavenly! Basically, it's just a scent of a very sweet coffee and a subtle note of chocolate. So simple, but so good!
-The beads are quite big, but they don't irritate or damage my skin at all.

-It scrubs my skin very gently, but after using that, my skin is soft like never before.
-This is my second bottle, but i still didn't get sick of the smell. It's quite strong, and usually i can't use product with strong scents very often, but with this one it's not like that at all.
-The price. I don't remember exactly how it cost me, but it was quite cheap.
-It's organic, i can use it as much as i want without worrying some ingridients will affect my skin badly.
-After using the scrub you still can smell a subtle scent of it on your skin, which i really really like!
-Because it has oils in it, it moistrizes my skin. After using the scrub, i don't feel the need to put on some lotion, as i do with some other scrubs.

The only thing i don't kile about this product is that it ends too fast even though the bottle is pretty big, but i think that's just because i use it quite a lot. I highly recommend this scrub if you're looking for a new one.

Thank you so much for reading! See you soon
Lots of love

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  1. This sounds excellent - I'd love to try it! Love your blog, just followed you on Bloglovin :) x

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear you like it! And yes, you definately should try the scrub, it's sooo good!)) xo