Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rimmel by Kate Lipstick

Hey guys! So, today's post is all about Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss. I showed it to you in my recent haul post (read here), and i've been use it a lot since then. I thought i would do a review post on it and let you know what i think now, after using it for a few weeks.

Here's the swatch of the lipstick from the haul post

I don't want to rumble for too much, because that would make you bored, so... 

Things i like about this lipstick:

- It really is a long lasting one, i think for a drugstore product staying power is quite impressive - about 5-6 hours  (without eating)
-The colour i have is so incredably beautiful! (08)
-The smell is not bad at all, vice versa actually - i quite like it. Smells like a mix of a normal lipstick smell mixed with cherry
-The packaging: very sleek, very expensive-looking

Things i don't like about this lipstick:

-It dries my lips. I had a week, when i used it everyday and it made my lips look like a disaster - so, definately, not for everyday wear.
-After few hours after applying a little naughty white-lined residue (i don't know how to call it in English, hope you know what i mean)

I do love this lipstick, will buy more for sure! Just wanted to give you my honest opinion on that one. So, i'm still seeking for a perfect lipstick.

Have you tried that lipstick? What do you think?

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  1. I love these Rimmel lipsticks! I own a couple of them as well and definitely gonna get more in the future!