Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Tea TAG

Hello everybody! 

Today i really felt like doing this I Love Tea Tag, most of the questions i found online and i thought that might be interesting for sime of you. I mean, let's be honest, everybody loves tea. (Right?) Go and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy:)

Hot or Cold?

I would say it depends on the weather. If it's cold them i like drinking hot beverages, if the weather is hot then my tea is cold. But to clear it up, i never drink hot hot tea, with water that just boiled, i always put some ice cubes in, cause i don't want to burn my tounge:)

Strong or Weak?

I prefer something medium, closer to strong though. I don't like tea when i barely can taste the flavour.

Loose Leafs or Tea Bags?

I know leafs are better, but i can't drink it, definately prefer tea bags!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube

Hey guys!

Today i have another little review for you all! I haven't tried much things from The Body Shop but i love every single one that i have. And this eye cream is not an exсeption.

It claims to cool undereye area and moistrize it. Well, i definately wouldn't say that it moistrize my eye as a normal eye cream does, but my skin never feels dry when i use it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Golden Rose Nail Polish

Hello my loves!

Today i would like to share with you one of the few nail polishes that i enjoy using. To be honest, i rarely paint my nails - i'm normally too lazy for that. But i do like to do that sometimes, usually during autumn and Christmas, just because i prefer these seasonal colours.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Hey guys! 

Today i want to give you my quick opinion on this recent bargain of mine - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. A few days ago i went to the mall to buy my first foundation. They had a deal - buy two things and pay for one. I honestly though it was a joke! I picked up this foundation and to go with it i decided to try out Rimmel's new mascara, which i will tell you about in one of my next posts. It costs almost as much as the foundation, and i got it for free - such a steal! Okay, to the point of the post now.

Oh, one more thing before we start. As i mentioned, this is my first foundation,  so i have nothing to compare it to. I used only BB creams before, and i can definately feel the difference. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I Love Fall

Hello guys!

Today i want to share with you why i love autumn. Okay, but firstly i want to say that fall is probably my favorite season ever! It's the coziest one, right? So i'm super exited for the post!) Let's get started!

☂ Sweater Weather.

I don't know about you but i can't imagine something better. I love comfy big warm sweaters. And the temprature in general is just perfect. Not too hot and sunny, but also not too cold.

☂ Rainy Days.

I love rain, it makes me feel so cozy! I like to lit some candles, bundle up in my soft blanket and just read a book or watch a movie. All the films are twice cozier in such weather! And there's going to be a lot of new seasons of my favorite TV shows, which i'm very exited about! And i also really like the smell on the streets after rain, and pavement is so pretty when it's wet!

☂ Warm Blankets, Scented Candles and Hot Chocolate.

I miss these things so much during summer! It's too hot for all of the above. There's just nothing better on a rainy day than these three things. Also, fuzzy socks are back in, so exited!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review

Hello guys! So, i had a bath yesterday and it was SO GOOD! As you already guessed it was Phoeinix Rising bath bomb from Lush. To say i love lush products means to say nothing! This is my beloved brand. It was my first time trying Phoenix Rising, and now this is my favorite one.

Before buying it i read a lot of reviews on this particular one and on some other bath bombs. Out of them all the Phoenix seemed to be the best for me. So when i went to lush i grabbed this bomb with no doubts. I had this bath lying in my room for about a week, i didn't have the time to take a bath. But yeasterday was the day!

So when you first put the bomb in the water, it starts to fizz. I honestly expectesd this to bee similar to the Honey Bee bomb i talked about (read here). But it was nothing like that, it fused way slower, it's a good thing though. I had more time to take pictures of it and enjoy the veiw:)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Life and Blog Update

Hey guys,'s post is quite different from what i usually write. But i just really felt like talking to you. I don't want to put myself in some kind of a box and write only about beauty, makeup, and fashion. And i've noticed that recently that's all i've been doing. Even though i love all these things so much and i'm still very passionate about them, i just want to start doing also life post once in a while.
 For example, one of the next posts will be a very short story that's written by me. I wrote it in Russian over a year ago and i really like it, though i'm not sure i will be able to translate it correctly in English. I'm 100% writing "Why I Love Autumn" very soon. So that kind of stuff, i genuinely hope that you guys don't mind:) And it doesn't mean i won't write about beauty, i so will, i love it! By the way, get exited for review on one of lush bath bombs soon;)