Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Golden Rose Nail Polish

Hello my loves!

Today i would like to share with you one of the few nail polishes that i enjoy using. To be honest, i rarely paint my nails - i'm normally too lazy for that. But i do like to do that sometimes, usually during autumn and Christmas, just because i prefer these seasonal colours.

I have this Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer, the brush is quite big and wide, which is suppost to make applying the nail polish very easy, and i'm all about that. My nails aren't too small, so i find big brushes really convinient to use. This nail polish has rich texture and colour as it is said to be. One coat is honestly enough, of course you can do two, but if you're in a rush or just don't want to wait for each coat to dry, you can do just one! It dries pretty fast as well!
If you have only one coat on then it will probably last for about three days, two coats can stay for about five but it all depends on what you do with your hads. It sounded kind of weird to me but you know what i mean.

I have this beautiful purple colour. And i kid you not every time i paint my nails with it someone says they love the look of it. It probably means that the polish is good:) I honestly love the colour and i think it is just perfect for the fall time! I would recommend you to have a look at it! 

Lots of love

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