Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas/Birthday Whishlist

Christmas/Birthday Whishlist!

Hey guys! Today i'm doing a very exieting and also very different post! I've never done a whishlist post even though i'm blogging for almost a year! So weird! I've always wondered how bloggers do these amazing collages of the things they want, and now i finally found a site where i can do the same thing myself. I'm so exited, i hope you like this kind of posts, guys, because i genuinely do! And i thought blogmas is the prfect time to do the whishlist, because it's Christmas time soon and also i'm turning 19 on December 27th! What a crazy month!

  • Christmas Jumper
Who doesn't want a Christmas jumper, really? I have a few winter sweaters, but it's not the same! I really want a festive one. I think the one one the picture is extremely cute and adorable!

  • MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette
Such a lovely colour palette! Burgundy is one of my absolute favorite colours, and even the name of the palette says it all. I want this badly!

  • Naked Palette by Urban Decay
I honestly think every self-rescpected beauty blogger has at least one of these. And i still don't. Everyone's saying it's so good, i really want to try it. But it's all just so expensive. I might splurge a bit on something, cause you know, my birthday is just around the corner!

  • Chocolate Bar by Two Faced
I honestly don't even think i need this. To be completely honest, i want this mainly because everybody says it smells like chocolate, which is the best thing. The colours are gorgeous though! Grow up, silly me! I know guys, i see where my problem is.

  • Hoola Bronzer by Benefit
Another thing every beauty guru has, and another thing i don't own and desperately want. This one i'm definately buying after my birthday though, so stay tunned for review;)

  • Clinique Pop Lipstick
I've heard such great feedback on it! And the packaging is very cute, so i really want to buy this lipstick as well.

  • Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick
I was just wandering around shops swatching different things, when i tested this lipstick from Dior. I instantly fell in love with it, it is so silky, it's unreal! And reviews on it are also amazing.

  • NYX Lip Matte Lipstick
I originally wanted to find the butter matte lipstick, but the site where i made the collage didn't have any picture of the lipstick, so i added this one, because it's also on my whishlist. The one i want to get most is the butter one in colour Cophengagen, and the other ones are in colours Whipped Cavair and Tea Rose.

  • Beauty Blender
A few months ago i started using foundation, which i never have done before. Now i apply this with my fingers, but i also really want to see how it would be with the blender.

That is it for the post, hope you enjoyed and were happy to see something new on my blog, i've put a lot of effort in this post, so i do hope you liked reading it! Lots and lots of love!

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  1. The Christmas jumper is great!
    Jabeen x

  2. That MAC palate looks gorgeous!! I don't own the chocolate palate from too faced, but i do own the two faced chocolate soleil bronzer and let me tell you i sometimes want to eat it.. it smells so good like chocolate <3 lol
    But i'm wondering what website you used to do this awesome collage?! i've been dying to do one myself!

    xoxo - from California <3

    1. So sorry for the late answer! I don't always have time to check older posts) Oh, i've heard a lot of people say they love the smell of Two Faced products! I want one badly!
      I used polyvore. com, great website, It was my first collage, very easy! Thank you a lot for reading and commenting!