Saturday, December 12, 2015

IKEA Haul!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know i went shopping to Ikea a few weeks ago, and now i'm finally doing a haul post and showing what i've got! 

  1. First i got this fake plant, which i've been wanting for ages! I needed something to put on my desk, but i knew real plant wouldn't work in my case. So i got this one and I'm really happy about it!
  2. Next up is this flowerpot. It was on sale and almost cost me nothing, yet it looks amazing! I bought it especially for the fake plant i just talked about.
  3. Forgot to mention the most obvious thing! I got this incredible white candle holder you see on the first picture. It looks so magically with a lit candle inside! I also got two tiny little candle holders, which i forgot to take photo of. They are made from glass, and supposed to stay cold even when a candle is burning.
  4. Also, got a whole pack of these little white candles. Tea candles, i believe they're called. I mean, you can't have too many of those.
  5. Of course, i got a classic ikea scented candle, which was on sale as well. I picked vanilla one, it's an old favorite of mine!
  6. Bought this adorable printed pillowcase for my armchair. To me, it looks lovely! What i especially loved about the case is the fact that it is very colorful, so it would be appropriate for any season.
  7. Also got one tiny pillow (35x35),and now i have two of those. Super cheap!
  8. Two cases for the small pillows. I got a white and a beige ones. I thought that would be nice to mix and match, but i like how it's still very neutral.
  9. I now have this little white carpet. I bought this for decoration only, what i didn't realise though, is that it gets dirty VERY easily! That's a bit annoying, but i still absolutely love how it looks. Oh, and it's very soft!
  10. Lastly, i got two bedding sets. The one you see on the right is from ikea winter collection, i thought it was perfect for Christmas season! The left one is for any time, basically. I love how colorful and unordinary this one is. And i also got dark navy matras cover to go with the set!
Hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine! I absolutely love Ikea, this is one of my happy places, it never failed to get me in a better mood. All of the things i got are pretty inexpensive, so if you have a friend or a relative, who you know loves decor, you might want to pick up something from Ikea as a Christmas gift! 

Lots of love,

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  1. Love everything you picked up! I do love a good trip to Ikea :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

    1. Thank you very much! Yesss, ikea is the best!

  2. i love all the things you got! i myself love ikea very much!
    i just found your blog from Aspyn's blog comment section & i'm obsessed with your blog already!
    we share so many interest and loves!
    i just started my own blog, maybe you can check it out? :D it'll mean the world to me!!

    xoxo - from California <3