Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Favorite Vloggers

Hey guys! As you know, today is the official start of Vlogmas, so i thought i would share (in no particular order) some of my favorite youtubers as well as some people whose vlogmas i'm most exited about! They all are already quite famous within YouTube, so you might know their channels, but i want to share anyway. 

Aspyn+Parker. These guys recently got married and thier vlog channel is about to hit 1 million subscribers, so you probably have heard of them by now. If not, then you are seriously missing out, their vlogs are so good! By the way, Aspyn and Parker are my OTP, if you watched any of their vlog, you understand me:) They are kind of doing of vlogmas (5 days a week or sometimes more). Check their channel, you will love these two!
Claudia Sulewski. I enjoy her vlogs so much, and if you ask me, last year's vlogmas was one of my favorites! Highly recommend you subscribing to her vlog channel as well!

EllesGlitterGossip. I came across this blonde's channel this summer, and i fell in love with her videos right away, she is so nice! Elle is doing 12 days of vlogams, she's planning to upload vlogs every other day. I am VERY exited!

Tara Michelle Vlogs. Tara does weekly vlogs all year round, and now vlogmas! Her videos are amazing! That girl is so funny, you will love her!

MoreZoella. I don't think Zoe needs to be introduced, we all know and love her. Her vlogs are honestly the best! She is the nicest person ever, her videos always make me smile, and there's just something super cozy about them!

TanyaBurr. ALso the one that doesn't need to be presented. She's the smiliest girl ever, her vlogs are also very warm. You really don't want to miss any of them.

Gabriella Lindley. Literally found her channel this month! She is very popular British youtuber, have no idea why i just descovered her! She started her vlogmas yesterday, oth the first, which is even better!

More of Kalyn. And last but definately not least is Kalyn Nicholson. She just recently started doing vlogs on her second channel, and she decided to do vlogmas this year, which i'm so happy about! She's vegan and she shares a lot of recipes and pretty much everything you ask, very open and kind girl. She's writing a book and updates us in her vlogs. I can't stop rumbling about her, because she's amazing! 

Thank you so much for reading guys, lots and lots of love to every single one of you, and happy December!

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy about Zoe's vlogmas starting, I love her, and that she's uploading a main channel video everyday too! Ahh, I'm so happy, haha, it's like an early Christmas day! :D

    Filippa ⎮

    1. Me too! I'm so happy, this year feels just so much more special because of that!
      Thanks for reading my post!