Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Products I've Hit Pan On Or Used Up // Drugstore

I haven't done a post like this for ages, so i thought today i would write one. And i have quite a few products to talk about! Therefore, lets get right into it!

Avon Glimmerstick in Cosmic Brown.

I originally got this thing to use under lashes to underline my eyes. I loved using this product, it stayed on me pretty much all day. The colour is beautiful! It seems almost black if you don't know it's brown, but still it's not that dramatic as it would be with a black eyepencil.

Lumene Solo Palette in White Diamonds.

I've had this for the longest time. I hope it hasn't expired yet. Just a simple white eyeshadow with a bit of glitter in. I put this in the corners of my eyes from time to time to look more awake. It does the job pretty nicely.

Avon True Colour Palette in Mocha Latte.

I believe it's their most popular colour. I don't use it too often now, because of my beloved Revealed palette (read here), but i still like putting the darkest colour to set my eyepencil on the lower lash line. And it's also great for filling in eyebrows. I have entire post dedicated to this palette (here), so check that out if you're interested! (So much self-promo in one paragraph...)

L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim.

It has the nicest tip ever! This actually is my favorite eyeliner ever. Does a great job and it's extremely easy to work with.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty

I've talked about this blush for quite enough, i think. I use it as a bronzer, it's not completely matte and might be just a tiny bit orangy, but it works very well for my skin tone. Stays on all day, love it a lot!

Maybelline AffiniMat in 20 Nude Beige.

I like that powder, but i don't love it, so i will not be re-purchasing it after finishing. It mattifies my skin just alright, though it might sometimes make me look a bit caky.

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  1. Hello, Dasha! I have just stumbled upon on your cute blog. Congrats on hitting pan! I was happy to see that a blogger talks about AVON makeup. I have that same Glimmerstick but in the shade Galactic Green. They are really long lasting and pretty! I have posted it on my blog too. I also love their eyeshadows. I have the "The Greens 8-in-1 palette". Have you tried that one?


  2. I used the Mocha Latte palette a lot, I like it but my sis stole it!
    I use it both for eye make-up and eyebrows. I love the metallic medium brown, it's the coolest shade there as well as the darkest brown I use under the lash line and for a V shape at the end of my eyes!