Thursday, December 3, 2015

What I've Read Lately

Hey guys! Today i thought i would share with you some of the books i've read lately. Do not worry, there will be no spoilers in case you want to read any, i'm just going to tell you my opinion. 
And all of the three books have quite nice atmosphere, so when i was reading two of them, i felt extremely cozy, peaceful and happy if i may say so. The other one made me feel quite opposite, but all in a good time. 

Joanne Harris "Chocolat".

 This might actually be one of the coziest books i have ever read! Honestly, every scentence made me crave chocolate. It's written a bit "sweet" if it makes any scentes. I could almost smell the chocolate. I liked it though, it created a very special and warm ambiance.
 I made a post this summer when i featured the film "Chocolat", which was based on the book. I loved the movie, so i decided to give the book a try. There's quite a lot of differences between the book and the screen version, which i didn't expect. The ending in the film was fully changed, and if i'm being completely honest, i like it way better. I think that would be a good read for those who want to immerse themselves in a good book. Little disclaimer: love line differs from the movie and it's not the main one at all! But i thoroughly enjoyed the story and i highly recommend reading the book!
Douglas Adams 
1) "The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy"
2) "The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe"

Guys, this is honestly the funniest book i've read so far! The story is extremely strange, but that's the greatest part. First few pages i thought that was a joke, nothing made sense to me, and it does not do any throughout the entire book. But i honestly just fell in love with the author's language and the story. It is a science fiction, which explains a lot. I don't think i've ever read anything in this genre, so that might be the reason why the whole book seemed so weired to me (in a good way though). The back cover says that there's five parts in three books. And i've read only one book(= two parts). I'm going to stop there for a bit, because i'm planning reading Christmas stories, but in 2016 i am sure to have my hand on the continuation!

Fannie Flagg 
"Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe"

I had really high hopes for the book, but it was not even close to what i expected it to be. I read quite a few reviews on the novel, and a lot of people said that the book will get you in a better mood no matter what. As i said earlier, it did exact opposite. I mean, the book was written with a good sense of humour, and it really showed how people try to look on the brighter side. But there was just too much of bad and cruel things happening, i couldn't even finish it, to be completely honest. I don't know, the book isn't bad, just not for me. To read it or not is always up to you:)

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  1. Someone was just telling me about The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy the other day and they said the same thing as you, that it's the funniest book they've read! I really want to get my hands on it now :D ;)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. I think you would love it! The book is really good!