Saturday, January 23, 2016

LUSH Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review

I recently did a lush haul, where i showed you all the products i got from there (obviously). This was one of them, and if i'm honest i tried this bath bomb even before i published my lush haul:) I haven't used any lush products for quite a while, and i was too exited to wait.

I believe this bath bomb is their winter editional one. I asked the worker for the most moistrizing bomb, and she adviced me this one. It has the typical lush scent, which i like. When i put the bomb in my bath, the water turned almost neon yellow colour, which i did not expect. And it was the first time when half of the bomb was enough, i normally use the entire bomb at a time. So, it was a nice surprise.

There was a lot of tiny glitter pieces in the water, which weren't noticable on the body after the bath. My skin felt so moistrized! I didn't feel the need to put lotion afterwards, because my skin already felt great. Might be one of my favorite lush productsm actually! What's yours?

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  1. It smell amazingly, Dasha... I remember the Yog Nog solid soap fragrance... I like it so much

    1. oh really? i didn't know it was a thing, i want to try it now!))

  2. Woah such a fluorescent yellow! I've never used a Lush bath bomb actually but I really want to give one ago. Maybe I'll get one as a treat for my birthday next month!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. yes, the colour is so vivid! oh, i think you will love it! lush prodycts are amazing!