Sunday, January 10, 2016

Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara Review

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I bought this brow mascara a few weeks ago, and i've been using it ever since. So many people talked about this - they either loved or hated it. I wanted to give this product a try so much! As you can see on the picture, i got this in Dark Brown and it is a perfect match for me.
Just to give you a better idea, my eyebrows are quite dark, even black, i would say, but it's not as black as ink, it just normal black if it makes any sense. And i just fill them in, i don't change the shape or anything like that. And that product is so so good for that! 

First of all, here is the brush. The colour on it looks a bit weird, it's not like that in the real life at all! I would actually say it looks more black than brown on me.

- Locks my eyebrows in place perfectly! They literally don't move throughout the entire day (i mean the hairs not eyebrows). I used a gel to set them before but it wouldn't compare to the Maybelline one.
- Even though it completely locks them, they still look very natural! You wouldn't tell i've used a product on my eyebrows if you met me. Honestly, i myself wouldn't tell.
- As i said, the colouк match is perfect for me. What i also really like is that you can buy this mascara in transparent colour!
- The price is amazing for the quality! I mean it is a drugstore product.

- I wouldn't really use it on it's own, i still use my browpencil before using the mascara. I mean, if you want something quick and very natural, probably this is the way to go for you. But i like my eyebrows quite dark yet natural.
- I really think they should change the brush's shape. I sometimes, especially when i first got it, fill them a bit out of a line. And then i have to whipe off the excess, which is not a big deal, it's just a bit annoying. 

Overall, that is a great product, good job, Maybelline! I would recommend you trying it out if you don't mind dealing with еру excess product every now and then. I don't, so i will definatelly continue using this.

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