Monday, February 29, 2016

Books I've Read Lately // January-February Wrap Up

I love writing these posts, though i think i should do them monthly, because now i have quite a few books to show, hope the post won't be too long. As you probably know, i absolutely love reading, that's one of the things i can do non-stop, true hobby and something that brings me a lot of joy. And i read different kinds of books, i don't have a particular genre i stick to, it all depends on my mood. 

Little Women by Louisa Alcott

I read this in the very beginning of January, and literally finished it in one sit, i couldn't stop reading. I know it's for children, but i honestly don't care, i didn' read that much as a child, and now i have to catch up. It's the most beautiful story of four sisters, honestly, these little girls deserve admiration. This book is full of kindness, you read and you just want to become a better person. When i have a child, that's going to be a book i will make sure to read to my daughter.

Harry Potter (1,2) by J. K. Rowling

I don't have much to say, everybody knows how amazing these books are. I read first thre parts in Russian years ago, and recently i decided to read all seven of them in English. So far i finished two, but wanted to take a little break and read something else, but i genuienly enjoyed these two.

Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo

The most beautiful and soul-touching love story i have ever read in my life! I can't even express in words how good the book is. Yes, there were a few boring chapters, but that's nothing comparing to the rest. As i was reading the final chapters, i felt everything in me was tearing apart, i can't deal with how unfair it all was... I can't even talk about it. If you still haven't read this, please do, you will love it but be aware - it might break your heart too!

Three Comrades by E. M. Remarque

It's one of those books i honestly didn't think i would like. I had a very sudden impulse to buy this book, but when i did, i though "why did i do that? i'm never going to read it!". But surprisingly to me, a few weeks later i actually felt the urge to start reading this, which i exactly what i did (obviously, i know). I finished this within one week, i fell in love with how Remarque writes and the story line is beautiful. As far as most people including myself know, all Remarque's books have sad ending, and normally, i'm not the type of person who even read these books, i want characters to live happily ever after, you know. But despite the ending, i loved the book so much, from cover to cover. And the more i think of the story, the more i love it.

Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

In my previous book post (read here) i said that 'Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' was the funniest book i've read, well, now it's not. This one is. As i was reading it, i just couldn't help laughing, that's so well-written! I can't say the plot is very unique or exiting, but the book is definately worth reading, at least for the humour. And i know there's two parts, but i haven't yet read 'Three Men On Wheels', but surely i will at some point.

The Insulted and Humiliated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I just finished this book, literally just before writing this post. I'm not sure what i feel now. This reminds me of a love detective story in the best way possible. It's not really a detective but kinf of. The book got my attention from the very first page, which doesn't happen too often. I was reading it when i was on the bus back home from my college, and i tried my best not to weep as a child on a few very touching moments! Russian books have that charming atmosphere that i can't even express in words.

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