Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MAC Single Eyeshadow In Rich Core

I'm not even sure where to start with this post. I've postponed writing it for quite awhile, hoping i would find a way for this product to work for me. But it's the worst eyeshadow i've ever put on my eyes, which makes me so mad, we all know how much MAC charges for their makeup.

Why I Do Not Recommend Trying This Single Eyeshadow:
  • It takes so much time to build up the colour. As i swatched it in the shop, the pigmintation seemed okay, but as i tried to actually put it on my eyes, the colour just wouldn't show off.
  • The staying power is just awful. Never in my life i had such a terrible experience with creasing and colour fading. Even cheap eyeshadows stayed on me longer than this MAC one. And i tried different primers, i hoped that would maybe work. No, it didn't. During first few hours the eye makeup looks beautiful, the colouк is actually very pretty. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, you barely can notice there were eyeshadows, the colour just wears off so quickly! And i tried to wear it on it's own, i also tried it as an accent colour - nothing helped. Though it does work a tiny little bit better blended with other eyeshadows. 
  • The price. I can't be cool with how awful the quality and how much i payed for that. And this is so weird to me, i've heard so so many great things about MAC eyeshadows, that's why i decided to try one. Maybe that's just this parcticular colour, i don't know, i probably will buy one more just to see if it would work any better. 
So sorry if you felt like i actually got mad, i was just trying to be very exact with explaining why i didn't like the product. I really don't recommend you even trying this parcticular colour - such a waste of money. Hope you found this post helpful, i would be so happy if reading this will actually save someone's money. And if you have ANY recommendations with how to make it work, please let me know! By the way, what experience have you had with MAC eyeshadows? I would love toknow all of that.

Love you all so much,

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  1. Oh no, how disappointing you didn't like it :( It looks so beautiful as well xx

    1. I know, it looks stunning! That's why i was so upset!