Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Planner // 100th Post!

It's so weird for me to say it's my 100th post but so exiting! I really wanted to to something special and decided to show you my planner/diary, because i promised to do so awile ago. And can i just add that these pictures were so hard to take for some reason, i spend good 30 minutes trying to make it look okay. To be frank, they're still not my favorite and i hesitated whether i should show you them.

What i really like about this particular planner is the fact that it has rings inside, so that i can add in or take out pages any time i like. It's honestly the most convenient thing. This was a gift from my friend, so i can't tell where it's from, but i did buy the inner pages myself, i picked up seasonal ones. For fall i had orange pages with leafs, blue with snowflakes for winter, green for spring and pink for summer. I already use the spring ones, because i run out of the blue pages. And this way i just don't get too bored with writing in the notebook.

I use it not only as a planner but as a diary as well. I write down my plans, to do lists, dreams that i want to remember, my thoughts on different topics (for example, i wrote about friendship as shown on one of the picture below), my blog post ideas, of course, i write down some days of the month, i also make inspirational collages.
To Do list for the weekend
Home Decor Inspiration Collage. I also described my dream house on the next few pages.
Friendship Thoughts
A Day Out With My Girls
I use my planner almost every day, and just this month i started to do a new thing in it. I printed out a month calendar page. Originally, i was going to use it to write my plans for the months, but i ended up shortly writing down my days. As there's not much space to write in the rectangles, i came up with a few symbols to save the space.
My Monthly Overview
  • The days that i framed with a green border is for the days i spent cleaning. 
  • The hearted days are for my favorite days of the month.
  • A dot between two wavy lines is for when my blog post went up. (As you can see, this month i wasn't very productive within this area).
  • Exclamation mark is for the days when i finished reading a book or started reading a new one. (And i can happily say that this month i've read quite a few books!)
  • And a cake sticker is for my 1 year blog anniversary! (Read the blog post on that here)
I'm not fully satisfied with these signs, i'm planning to add a few more for the month of March, but this is what i have so far. It's very convenient for me, and hopefully you found some ideas for your planner. 
To be completely honest, i was very doubtful whether to write this post or not, because i don't usually write something of that kind, but i'm quite content with how it turned out. Hope you did too!

And by the way, please let me know if you enjoyed reading this type of post on my blog, because i actually have a lot more to share with you planning wise, so let me know if you would like to see more!

Love you lots <3

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