Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sephora Beauty Blender

  I've wanted to try a beauty blender for ages! I just couldn't find it anywhere i live. I don't ever use brushes for my foundation or concealer, so i've always used my fingers for it. But i get really grossed out to put the rest of my makeup with some foundation remains on my hands. And every time i put foundation and concealer i had to get up and wash my hands. I know it's not that big of a deal, but it is really annoying if it's something you have to do every day, especially when in a rush. Back to the point, i've got a beauty blender from Sephora brand two months ago and i've been using it ever since.

  Do i even need to point out the convinience of that way of applying foundation and concealer? Life changing! I use this blender to apply pretty much everything that can possibly be applied with it.

With the round side i apply:
  • Face primer (i love Baby Skin by Maybelline)
  • Foundation
  • Spot concealer
  • Benetint from Benefit as blusher
And i use the pointy side for:
  • Undereye concealer
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Highlighter
  My makeup routine has changed so much in terms of convinience, and the best part of using a beauty blender for me personally is that i don't have to wash my hands 30 times while doing my makeup. And also my foundation and concealer look so much better applied with the sponge, much more natural.
  Now, let's talk about this particular blender. As i mentioned, this is the first one i've ever tried, but i love it a lot. It's very soft and gentle with my skin, makes my foundation look flawless. Though, i've noticed that i use a bit more foundation comparing to how much i would if applied with my fingers. But that's okay, it's worth it. I also really like that weird line in the middle of the blender that separates the foundation and concelaer part. That would come in very handy if your concelarer is a lot lighter than your foundation. 
  The only thing i don't like is that the pointy side is a bit too small and it's not perfectly convinient to use in the corners of my eyes. But that's not a problem for me at all. 
Lots of love, 

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  1. I always prefer beauty blenders to actual brushes when applying my foundation and concealer because i feel it always gives a better coverage and makes it last longer in my opinion. I find there is hardly any streaking upon the face which can occur if you are applying your make up with a brush.

    1. I absoluetely agree! I've actually noticed better staying power too, but i forgot to mention it in the post :) blendera are way more convinient! thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion! <3