Hello everybody!

ABOUT THE BLOG: This blog was created on February the 4th of 2015. I write about makeup, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and all the things i love and which inspire me. This blog is my little internet corner and it means the world to me. I would be happy if you joined my little comunity here on bloglovin and google plus, if you want to be updated.

ABOUT ME: Hello again:) My name is Dasha and i'm 18. I'm a hopeless coffee addict, i love girly dresses and crop tops, but comfy sweaters in fall time are the best thing ever! I'm a huge rain lover, but soaking the sun is my thing as well:) Also, i love taking pictures and capturing all the beautiful momonets; collect post cards. I belive that everything happens for a reason, and that we were all born to be happy. We're all beautiful and one of the kind, so we need to appreciate ourselves. 

Lots of love, Dasha 

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