Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Body Shop Haul

Hey guys! This is part two of my bauty and makeup haul. As i said in my previous post, i decided to write a separate post about The Body Shop buys in order to not make posts too long.

First thing i bought was this Vitamin E Face Mist. It feels really nice after using it. I don't quite fancy the smell, i have a mask and a cream from Avon scented exactly the same, so i'm a bit sick of the flavour. This spray is based on a rose water - smells like it. The mist is also supposted to moistrize the face, i don't know about it, but the freshening effect is lovely!

Next up is this tiny eye cream, the packaging is so adorable, i can't get over it! The cream is called Vitamin E Eyes Cube. It's also supposed to moistrize and cool the under-eye area. The cooling effect is a bit less than i thought it would be, but it's there. This product is not so much of a skin care but as a pumpering one, which i don't mind. Probably will buy it again.
I also bought The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter, which i didn't planed at all, but they had an action - buy 3 products and get 20% off. I used this highlighter a few times and i love it! It's very settle, like my skin glows naturaly. The girl in the shop told me that it can be used as a highlighter in certain points or on the entire face combined with foundation for a natural healthy glow. I play with it around and apply it differently - the result is beautiful! Might be my favorite bargain.

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  1. Ohhh great haul. I really need to get back into the Body Shop.. I haven't bought anything from there in ages. I love the mist, I might have to try that out! xx


    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, they have some cool new stuff there as well, so definatelly have a visit to the shop! And the mist is absolutely amazing, i use it everyday since i bought it!