Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Tea TAG

Hello everybody! 

Today i really felt like doing this I Love Tea Tag, most of the questions i found online and i thought that might be interesting for sime of you. I mean, let's be honest, everybody loves tea. (Right?) Go and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy:)

Hot or Cold?

I would say it depends on the weather. If it's cold them i like drinking hot beverages, if the weather is hot then my tea is cold. But to clear it up, i never drink hot hot tea, with water that just boiled, i always put some ice cubes in, cause i don't want to burn my tounge:)

Strong or Weak?

I prefer something medium, closer to strong though. I don't like tea when i barely can taste the flavour.

Loose Leafs or Tea Bags?

I know leafs are better, but i can't drink it, definately prefer tea bags!

Do You Buy Your Tea Out or Steep It At Home?

Okay, so i didn't really understand what it means, excuse me my English. If i got it right then i definately steep at home. Really confused with by question though.

Favorite Cold Tea?

I would say something minty or fruity, not really sure. The flavour of my tea mostly depends on my mood, not on the water's temperature.

Favorite Hot Tea?

Green pepper mint tea in the cold seasons. It's the best thing ever to me!

Have You Always Liked Tea?

Emm. I don't think i remember, but come on, how could i not?

What Tea Do You Recommend?

At the moment i have a few favorites. I like Lipton's Blueberry Muffin one, it's a black tea. The smell is beyond my words, it's so good! As well as the taste though. And if we're speaking about green tea (which is hands down my favorite) then i would go with Milford's Pepper Mind Tea and also Milford's Camomile one. I like drink both of the green ones at night time, they are quite calming.

Favorite Tea Snack?

I can't name one, i have loads of them. But just a few of faves are chocolate muffins and pies, pizza and...i'm really not sure how to say it in Englih but i believe they're called poppy rolls.

Favorite Tea Mug?

It's my recenet bargain. I got this mug from Avon a few weeks ago. You can see it on the picture above. It's quite big and i thought it would be perfect for fall and winter time. To me, this one just screams cozyness! And i really love owles, so..

Thank you so much for reading guys, hope you found this tag interesting.
Lots of love

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