Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blog Goals For 2016

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This post is anywise a Part 2 of my previous post, which is My New Year's Resolutions // Life Goals For 2016 one. This is something i wasn't sure i would write because i was afraid that if i wouldn't reach these goals i might be upset. But then i thought i would still write the post, just so it would be easier to keep track of the progress and also maybe motivate me to keep doing my best for the blog.
  • Be consistent and post regulary. I am really bad at this so far. I don't want to set myself a schedule but i do want to write at least 2-3 posts a week.
  • Reach 150 followers on my Google account. I'm quite positive about that, my google followers are very supportive, and i think we can make it till the end of the year (hopefully).
  • Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin' (here). I'm really not sure about that. I gain followers on there extremely slowly, and i know it's not about the numbers but i would be so happy if more people read my blog. I'm so passionate about it, i want to share my thoughts, and it's just nice to know that someone actually likes to read them:)
  • Do more fashion posts. That's something i'm very interested in. Right now it's 25C below 0 out, therefore it's just impossible to take pictures outside, but when spring and summer come, hopefully, i will be able to do outfit posts. I would love that!
  • Find a blogging friend. I honestly want to find someone i could talk about all these blogger's things so badly! I think that would be a really nice experience to have. So if you would like to talk with me personally someday, please feel free to contact me wherever it is convinient for you.
  • Improve my photography. I've seen this point in a lot of other bloggers' posts but that's an essential. If you blog, you take pictures, and, of course, you want to get better and better at what you do. I feel like i've already improved my photography skills a bit comparing to my first posts but there's just no limit!
Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Lovely Post!

    Darriyan x

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  3. I need to do a few of these as well!