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My 2015 (Opening Up)

Okay, i know i just posted my 2015 Sum Up post a few days ago but i just don't feel like i was beeing completely honest there. No, i was but i just said too general things without explaining what i meant, which kind of bothered me. Plus, i thought i would go into details more, so when i look back on this post i would know exactly how i felt and what i experienced in 2015. I mostly write this post for memories, but if you will enjoy reading this, that would honestly mean the world to me! 

Year started quite nice for me. I had the whole January off my college, which was lovely! I had such a chilled month, watched a ton of movies, including my childhood's one, which did made me feel a bit nostalgic. But it was a good month, for sure! 

Also, on the February the 9th i started my blog! I was so exited and nervous writing my first post, which is still up. I also remember coming home from my university and spending hours trying to figure it all out: how to write posts, how to take pictures, decorating the blog, etc. It stressed me out quite a bit, because i'm rubbish in technology and html codes. Don't know how i managed to make my blog look somehow decent (hopefully).

In May i had a bunch of exams i had to sit, which was extremely stressful, especially when i almost failed my latin one (not because i wasn't ready, there was a stupid misunderstanding). Thankfully, everythng turned out to be just fine and i stepped into summer with a light heart and well-passed exams.

Summer was hot yet rainy, i wasn't very pleased with the weather, which  affected my mood. But i had the nicest time with my friends, i met a bunch of them, whom i haven't seen for ages! I also found a new hobby, which we shared with my best friend. It's called smashbooking and it was a lot of fun (we did spend A LOT of money on it though).

Also my parents and i took a very long car trip to country side to visit my grandmother (mother's side). It was quite an exausting adventure, but it was amazing, i had so much fun! On out both way there and way back we also stopped by Moscow (which is the capital city of Russia) and stayed for a day at my God's mother place. I've already been in Moscow in 2012 and i absolutely loved it there! Definately want to visit it more often.

I don't know why but i really like this picture of myself, even though my face looks grumpy, to say least
This house stands upside down, so cool!
One of the biggest personal highlights of the trip is the Kremlin Riding School's performance, mainly just because i adore horses!
Can't you tell i'm exited to eat at this donuts place? 
It's called "Green Theatre" as it's placed in the open air. This balconies on the sides reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, which i thought was really cool!

In September my school year started again, and i began studing new language - French. I absolutely love it, even though it was very difficult at first, and we had tonns of homework, which also stressed me out a lot.

In October my parents went to visit my grandmother (mom's side), she didn't feel well, and my mother worried about her. I couldn't go with them because of my study, so i lived alone for almost three weeks. It was a weird yet useful experience. Not going to lie though, it was really scary for me. 

Also, that same month, with my groupmates from college we went to a beautiful city near us called Vyborg. It borders with Finnland and feels very european even though it's still Russian territory. I had been there before a few years ago but i didn't remeber anything. And when we went there in October i absolutely fell in love with the city! I am sure to go there again this year.

Next thing might seem very stupid to most of you, but i honestly wanted this for so much! I bought  myself my first MAC lipstick. Not that i couldn't afford it before, i just never felt like it was worth the money. And just in general, i tried so many new makeup and body products this year as i've never done before!

December was the hardest month of the year. At the very beginning of it, my grandmother (father's side) passed away. It was a huge shock for me. I cried every night, i had so many anxiety attacts as ever, i had the worst sleep, and i didn't know how to help my father to go through this, which ate me alive. I also went to the funerals, which i've never done before, and it was a real challenge for me. Month later, it hurts not that bad but i'm definately only trying to move on.

I also had a lot of very inportant exams this month, and i worked my ass off preparing for them all. It was so stressful! I honestly take everything too close to heart, it is one of my bigest problems. I passed them all, and very good, actually. But it just wasn't worth the stress, to be honest.

On the 27th i turned 19, which i'm still trying to believe in! My parents woke me up with flowers and baloons, which made my entire day. Their main present was a set of all Harry Potter books in English, which i did asked for. Since it is not native language of my counrty, they were ridiculously expensive for just books but i wanted them badly! It actually was one of the best presents for all my life, if not the best! Also, i had an amazing evening with my closest friends and relatives! I felt very sad that day though, not sure why.

On the 28th i passed my last exam, and on the next day i went to celebrate my birthday with same group of friends. We went to so-called "maza park". I'm not sure if it's a thing abroad, but it's just a place, where you pay a fixed price for the entrance and then you play anything you want for free (bowling, billiards, air hockey - anything!). I had a nicest day!

In Russia we celebrate Christams on the 7th on January and our main holiday is New Year. I spent mine with my parents. It honestly was the best New Year in my life! It was so quite, peaceful and cozy! And i also gave them a few very special gifts this year, which made my parents really happy, which made me happy as well.

Overall, this was a very tough year, with a bunch of ups and downs. I definatelly feel like i've grown up as a person going trough all these challenges. Hopefully, next year will be full of joy and happiness for all of us. Happy New Year, guys. I love you!

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