Thursday, June 25, 2015

Avon Body Care Set Review + Alternative | Summer Body Care Essentials

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Hi, guys! As i promised you in my last beauty haul post, i would do a some kind of review on this Avon set and show you a product you might also like. You basically alreadu see it, but i'll explain why i prefer the organic shop one over the one that came in the set.

If you missed my haul post, i'll say again that this set includes body scrub, body lotion and body spray. 

I'll start with my absolute favorite product, which is the spray or the body mist - whatever you want to call it:) It has a very nice rose and chocolate scent. And i can't say i smell rose or chocolate more, there's equal amount of each, i belive. Surprisely to me, this scent lasts on me all day long! Not gonna lie, i spray a generous amount on me, but still. To me, this is a perfect sweet smell for summer. It's not that heavy as a perfume would be, but you still can smell in the evening.

Next is the lotion. I would also say that it's perfect for summer. You don't need that much moistening as in winter. This cream is very light, it has almost the same smell as the body mist, but it also smells like normal cream would. This lotion has a bit liquidy consistency, but it's not watery, if you know what i mean. And it's pink:)

And the last one in the set is the body scrub. The smell of this is quite different. It smells like very sweet chocolate and a bit of coffee. It has weird light pinky-beige colour. If i didn't know it was scrub, i would thought it was cream. You cannot see any...what's the word..okay, just the scrubbing things, you can't see them at all. When you apply it on the skin you barely can feel the scrubbing bits. I'd say it would be good for winter, when the skin is dry and it needs very soft care, or just if your skin is very very sensetive. But for summer, i would choose something more harsh. 

And alternative for the previous scrub, that i find perfect for the summer is the Organic Shop One.  The scrubbing bits are much more tangible and after using this, my skin feels AMAZING! I also love the smell of it. As i said the Avon Scrub smells like "very sweet chocoalte and a bit of coffee", describing the scent of the organic shop one, i'd say vice versa: a strong coffee note and a bit of sugar. And it's fully organic! I talked about it in my summer essentials post, check it out if you want to see how the scrub looks inside the bottle.

To sum up all i said above, i 100% recommend you this set, i love it a lot! Have a nice day, everyone! 

Do you have any favorites from Avon?

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