Sunday, July 12, 2015

Natura Siberica Night Detox Mask

Hello everybody! I wasn't going to write this post at all, but i was so impressed by this mask that i just felt like it would be a crime not to share with you my find!

I already talked about it in my skin care haul, but i used it only once when i wrote that post, that was obviously not enough to shape an objective opinion. I've used it four or five times this week, i just couldn't stop myself from it - it's so good! I had some bad breakouts and puffiness under my eyes last week, and my face looked terrible. Therefore i surfed some of my favorite beauty sites, and i found a review on that mask, it caught my eye - i thought it could help me, so went to the pharmacy and bought it. I love Natura Siberica, so i didn't think i would be dissapointed.
 This is an overnight mask that you don't need to wash off. You just put a light  layer of it on your face before going to bed. It's their Night Detox mask, which is suppost to recover and renovate the skin. It's said to be for all skin types. It's important to put a light layer of it on the face, otherwise it might feels a little bit sticky. But if the layer isn't thick than in a few minutes you probably won't even remember you have it on. It also didn't leave any stayins on my pillow or somewhere else.

I honestly didn't think i would love it that much, i think it's my new beauty must have! After using this mask my skin always looks very fresh, clean, healthy and glowy. It evens my skin tone, gets rid of redness and puffiness. My skin has never been in a better condition! This mask and a cleanser from lush seriuosly saved my skin (you'll see the cleanser review in a few days). I highly recommend you to take a closer 

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